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4 Hands Massage Dublin

A four-hand massage Dublin treatment involves two of our massage therapists (you can choose male, female, both men or both women massage therapists), performing synchronised and random strokes over the body to release muscle tension and stress. This is even more relaxing than conventional two-handed massages, as the multiple points of pressure keep the brain from focusing too much on one area, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the massage experience. Your therapists will typically use slow, rhythmic movements, creating a deep sense of relaxation.


4 hands massage Dublin takes the same period of time as a regular massage and is more expensive, as it requires the services of two of our professional massage therapists. This type of massage can incorporate different styles; Lomi Lomi, Swedish, deep tissue, relaxing, etc. The techniques used will depend on what you hope to achieve from the massage as well as your body’s reactions and comfort levels.